Our Story

The Grist Mill Exchange was created to bring together technologists, entrepreneurs, and former government officials who fundamentally understand the federal marketplace, its evolving data needs, and the value of commercial data.

We believe that access to the world's data is the springboard to winning the future for companies, countries, and economies. We offer a turnkey solution to allow our customers to focus on what truly matters: bringing new insights to their missions.

Guiding Principles

  1. 01

    People come first

    At the Grist Mill Exchange, we see people as our most valuable resource. We create a work environment to help each teammate learn and grow and do satisfying work. We emphasize balance and self-care, so we have health and energy for the things that we care about.

  2. 02

    Who you are is as important as what you know

    We foster a culture where expertise and experience are valued. How we interact with those around us - collaborative, respectful, thoughtful -- is even more important.

  3. 03

    Passion for the mission drives everything we do

    We will never settle for good enough. We are constantly developing novel approaches to best support our customers and data providers, working with urgency and accountability to advance their priorities and missions.

  4. 04

    You can count on us, and we can count on each other

    Trust, integrity, and reliability are our foundational values. They underpin every element of how we operate our business, from the way we created our team to the way we protect our customers and data providers by focusing on vetting, privacy and data ethics, and security.

  5. 05

    Make it simple

    We believe in making things simple and keeping things simple is immensely complicated. That's why we created a convenient, user-friendly commercial exchange for easy access to global data; streamlined contracting and purchasing for customers; and developed a straightforward and understandable listing process.