Grist Mill Exchange
for Customers

Quickly find, compare, and purchase thousands of bespoke commercial datasets from hundreds of companies.


Easy: Speed Data Acquisition

Search and buy data from hundreds of vetted commercial companies on a single contract, decreasing acquisition friction.

Diverse: Variety in the Thousands

Our exchange lists thousands of datasets and is growing every day.

Customized: Buy Only What You Need

Buy only the datasets you need, when you need them, for however long you need them.

Transparent: Straightforward Pricing

Make more informed buys by comparing data across hundreds of providers based on data descriptions, samples, coverage, file types, price, and more.

Global Coverage for Every Situation

Datasets offered by providers range from general purpose, industry-wide data to bespoke, niche offerings you won't find anywhere else. We have datasets applicable to almost any situation.

We can help you find the data you need

Whether it's helping you navigate our exchange, reaching out to our existing provider network, or finding new providers with the specific information you need - we'll help you discover the right data to drive innovation within your organization.